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Paving, Asphalt, & Driveways Services

When someone thinks of repair contractors, they likely envision hammers, nails, and hardhats. However, one area of maintenance that often gets overlooked is concrete surface repair needs.

Poured concrete and asphalt are among the most durable building materials surrounding any property. From your home to your favorite fast food store, there’s nothing but paved surfaces there and back.

When your driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and other areas require assistance, you might not always know who to turn to for help. For more businesses and households throughout the greater Delmar, DE community, there’s only one company you should trust.

At 1st State Paving, we continue providing superior repair and maintenance services for more areas, all at lower pricing every day. Whether you need concrete sealing, new parking lot pours, or better ways to keep it all looking great, you won’t find a better company than ours.

Paving Services

Paving services produce a new concrete or asphalt surface. Whether you need a new finish coat or an entirely new stretch, we can save you more each time.

Even if all you see are superficial cracking and minor damages, paving them can help protect the rest of the area from harm. By addressing the small concerns now, you can avoid costly repairs and replacement needs in the future.

Whatever paved surfaces require help, our contractors know how to achieve the best results possible. When you need to know that your new paved areas will last, you need us.

Asphalt Services

Asphalt can quickly become dangerous to anyone inexperienced in operating with it. Not only is it risky to work with, but many items can leave you with lackluster results.

The only way to achieve the best-looking new paved asphalt is by hiring an experienced contractor team. Only then will you rest easy knowing that your new parking lot, road, or driveway will remain at its best for a long time.

A better asphalt pour also means fewer maintenance concerns, allowing you to avoid costly service calls. Make sure that you are receiving the top contractors for your job.

Driveway Services

Driveways remain a versatile poured space that provides many benefits. Unfortunately, the typical person will ignore maintenance items, leading to early problems and cracked concrete.

Some driveways wrap around property lines, while others just lead to your garage. No matter how broad or short your surfaces are, we can help keep them at their best.

Our experienced contractors can repair, replace, and install any driveways that you need. And with overlay options available, you can customize your new items as well.

When you need more than the same lackluster driveways, you need us to help your residence today.

Let us help you reach your vision!

No matter what your house or office needs for their poured surfaces, we can achieve better results for less each time. No one else provides more ways to save on asphalt, driveways, and more than us.

Call 1st State Paving today for all your concrete and asphalt repairs.