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At 1st State Paving, we strive to continue providing superior poured concrete and asphalt services to more homes and businesses throughout Delmar Delaware. By putting together a team of experienced repair contractors, we keep your costs low and your quality high on every job.

While anyone can buy a cheap bag of instant cement, it takes skill to handle your project correctly. That means receiving better raw materials and an entire construction crew ready to assist you now.

Whether you have poured surfaces around your home or you need commercial parking lot repairs, we have the expertise necessary to complete it all. Hiring us means never needing to worry about how the finished results will appear again.

When you need to save more on expert repairs, it helps to choose the team more residents rely on for more projects. Call us today for the best maintenance contractors for any poured surfaces.


Why Hire Us?

Virtually all concrete and asphalt areas will develop some degree of damage, more often from trapped moisture and pooling spots above. Whether your property doesn’t use proper drainage systems or there have been severe rainstorms lately, all that added water wreaks havoc on poured materials.

Whether all that water formed ice or steam, it eats away at your driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and more before long. It’s only through the right team of repair contractors do your concrete and asphalt areas remain safe.

We provide complete repair and maintenance solutions that extend the life of any surface further, as well as leaves it better protected for longer. When you need to avoid premature replacement surfaces, we can help you avoid more common maintenance issues each time.

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